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No, you’re not in the 2015 anymore. In my attempts to speed the site up for everyone, I hit a few snags. I’m hoping to have everything back up by Friday at some point with all my reviews on Agents of Shield, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and a few figure reviews. We’ll get the party started back up real soon.

Flashback to 2015? Server switch

Just in case you’re wondering why the site has suddenly reverted from talking about Avengers: Infinity War to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The site is undergoing some mild maintenance and I figured it’d be better this week than next. Hopefully we’ll be back up by Sunday at the absolute latest. For now enjoy the trip through memory lane.


Transformers Titans Return: Convex and Perceptor by Hasbro

FigureFan Zero

I’ve been on a third-party convertobot streak for the last four Transformers Thursdays, but I thought I would turn my attention back to the official stuff for a while. I’m also dog tired from a pretty brutal week at work, so hopefully I can make it through this review before I run out of steam. Just pardon me if I’m a little more brief than usual. Anyway, today I’m digging into the most recent wave of Titans Return Deluxe Class  figures and I thought I’d start things off with Perceptor.

I always liked Perceptor. He had a pretty unique personality in the Sunbow cartoon and was basically an Autobot nerd back when it wasn’t all that cool to be a nerd. Plus, his G1 toy was fantastic and featured a particularly good robot mode. I’d say it’s long past time he’s had a new figure, since it’s been six years…

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Matthew McConaughey goes to war in Free State of Jones

Matthew McConaughey, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mahershala Ali headline an intriguing story that looks to be an action-packed historical based epic that’s a departure from those on comic book movie overload.

Free State of Jones features McConaughey as Newt Knight, who led an uprising to secede from the Confederacy during the Civil War and beyond.
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Iron Man 3 Igor figure review Comicave Studios

Iron Man 3 may have been my least favorite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, but it’s been a godsend for companies looking to tap into the certificate to print money that is the Iron Man license.

I’m not familiar with the work of Comicave Studios, but thanks to the fine folks at Bluefin, I was able to review the Iron Man Igor figure. If this is indicative of the quality of a Comicave product, I’ll need to pay a much closer eye on them in 2016. Continue reading Iron Man 3 Igor figure review Comicave Studios

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